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Plantmetals history

The PLANTMETALS COST action evolved out of informal contacts, and other collaborative projects, between many of its current members. Key events of evolution towards the COST Action it is now are summarised below.



February-August 2017
Idea of creating a COST network on metals in plants by Hendrik Küpper, first discussions with Manuel Gonzalez-Guerrero
17-19 August 2017
Minisymposium "Metals, Plants and People" at the Biology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences, České Budějovice, Czech Republic organised by Hendrik Küpper. At this minisymposium, most of the attendants gathered for a brainstorming to lay the foundations for a network grant application at COST. Nathalie Verbruggen, Manuel Gonzalez-Guerrero and Hendrik Küpper became a core planning group for writing the proposal.
Autumn 2017 to February 2018
Writing of the first proposal draft by the "core planning group"
February-April 2018
Revisions of the proposal draft involving a growing number of network  members of the proposal
27 April 2018
1st Submission (OC-2018-1-22837), with 51 proposing research groups/companies from 16 COST member countries
14 November 2018
Proposal was evaluated with 56 of 65 possible points --> not funded
November 2018-August 2019
Revisions of the proposal draft first again by the core planning group and then again involving the further growing number of network  members of the proposal
3 September 2019
2nd submission (OC-2019-1-23903), with 60 proposing research groups/companies from 20 COST member countries
25 March 2020
Action granted by COST after evalutation with 45 out of 50 possible points
26 March-13 April 2020
Creation of the MoU based on the technical annex of the proposal first by the core planning team and then involving the whole network of proposers
April 2020 until now
Further growth of the network, to 110 registered members from 30 countries until now
8-9 October 2020
1st MC meeting = official start of the Action


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